☽ Luna ☾

Luna is a plug and play device designed to adapt various common video game controllers to work on Japanese PC's and video game consoles. Many different controllers can be used via simple, passive adapters anyone can make. No game patches or hardware modifications necessary, just plug it in and play games.



  1. Input Ports

  2. Output Ports

  3. Left output A/B button switch

  4. Right output A/B button switch

  5. CyberStick/XE1-ap Enable Switch

  6. Power Jumper

  7. Mini USB


All adapters have a 9 pin d-sub receptacle on one and and the appropriate mating end for the adapter type. Only pin numbers are provided. Don't rely on the color of the wires, they may vary from cable to cable. It's recommended that you use a multimeter to test which pin goes with each wire.

Saturn PlayStation 1/2 Famicom NES SFC/SNES


There are no updates available at this time.